Blue Oysters

Our fresh blue oyster mushrooms are the most versatile mushroom we grow. They have a strong blue-grey hue, rich umami flavor, and soft meaty texture. This mushroom makes a great addition to soups and pasta.

cluster of pink oyster mushrooms

Pink Oysters

One of the brightest and distinct looking mushrooms is the Pink Oyster. This mushroom has a similar mild flavor to other oyster mushrooms, they are sometimes said to have a slight seafood flavor. When cooked they will lose their pink color and will turn brown.

italian oyster mushrooms

Italian Oysters

The Italian Oyster, also known as the Phoenix oyster, is a thicker oyster mushroom with brown frilly caps. These mushrooms have a mild flavor and earthy aroma.

Tarragon Oysters

Tarragon oysters are a rare oyster mushroom variety, not normally cultivated commercially. As the name suggests, the smell and taste of this mushroom resemble the herb tarragon making it known as one of the finest-tasting oysters there is.

King Trumpet Oysters

King Trumpets are a large meaty mushroom strain that is earthy, aromatic, and savory. When cooked they have a soft crunchy texture and a mild savory umami flavor reminiscent of abalone.


Chestnut mushrooms have been cultivated and eaten in Japan for centuries. They have a mild nutty umami flavor that gives them their name. Often described as having a buttery and nutty flavor. These mushrooms are packed full of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidative compounds to help treat inflammation and boost the immune system.